SO HOW EXACTLY DOES Red Scale Film Work?

Red scale film is attained by basically placing the film ugly with the camera. This forces light with the red sensitive layer first, and therefore provides photo a reddish feel. To get this done yourself you’ll need two normal 35mm film. Note one film will eventually be discarded. Because of this article I’m specifically coping with 35mm film, but using 120mm can be possible. Unravel the initial film completely and slice the most the film off at the bottom, ensuring you leave at the very least 4cm remaining. Slice the leader off the next film (therefore the film may be the same width) and lay the next film dull side up, and the initial film shiny side up. Sticky tape them together ensuring you can find no irregularities. Now for that fun part, inside a dark bag or dark room wind the next film in to the first film canister (scissors work far better wind it). Slice the film, and today you have your personal red scale film. To tidy up the film, make an indent within the film with scissors, this can help to load the film easier.

I’ve heard you could load the film in one canister to some other by modifying a camera slightly, this way you certainly do not need a dark bag or room. If you don’t know how I’d not attempt it. Try to allow canister sit for a couple minutes, this can permit the film to keep up its new shape once you make an effort to load it. The only real down side to the method, aside from the loss of a complete reel, may be the fact that you must be sure you overexpose the film by way of a stop, that is because of the fact that this reel is currently loaded backwards, so light must travel further through layers showing effect.

Making your personal red scale film is certainly not the only path of achieving this effect. There’s photoshop, red cellophane and red scale film. Not cellophane. The simplest way by far would be to just choose the film. Both most typical forms out are actually Lomography Red scale and Rollei RedBird Red scale. The Lomography red scale includes a 100asa, as the Rollei has 400asa. The difference being that the Lomo ought to be shot mainly completely sunlight, as the Rollei could be shot in more varied light conditions. Red scale offers a rustic and retro feel towards the planet. Its use is tied to your imagination.

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