Securing Financing and Distribution FOR THE Independent Film

The 2008 film “Paranormal Activity” continues to be named “The tiny movie which could”. It’s success continues to be phenomenal, but what’s a lot more remarkable would be that the film was produced for about $15,000. So how exactly does a film having a low-key budget become this type of mega blockbuster? This film has grossed over $100,000,000 (that is clearly a hundred million dollars) in america market alone!

You might have an identical idea for any movie. What steps should you take in reaching the sort of success Paranormal Activity could garner? If you do the creativity to conjure a movie the masses will like, there remains two obstacles you will need to overcome to do this degree of success. You will need to finance your film, you then need to look for a distributor.

Film Financing

So how exactly does a film get its financing? Not absolutely all films could be produced using the relative pocket-change that Paranormal Activity was produced with. If you fail to foot-the-bill of one’s movie, you then must obtain financing. When finding a conventional kind of loan, such as for example for a home loan, the loan acrues interest and gets paid by way of a guarantor. This can be a one who vouches your debt will undoubtedly be paid and is in charge of regular payments around the loan. However, whenever your film gets financed – you will not lead to making scheduled payments, along with a guarantor isn’t necessary. Instead, films are financed using the projected income the film will earn after it’s public debut. A film’s finance is actually venture-capital, representing a gamble around the success of the film. This being the situation, the payoff for that investor, investment banker or film financier is disproportionately high in comparison with the standard loan. However, the repercussions of the “bad gamble” rests with the financier.

Your task then becomes to convince the investment banker your movie is really a safe gamble. Unfortunately, the focus of several aspiring movie producers centers heavily around the script, the cast, the storyboarding or other areas of the movie, however, not on which matters most. The movie financier is thinking about “How do you earn money by buying your movie?” Probably the most essential section of your presentation towards the investment banker is how they are able to earn money by buying your film, so get this to important and central focus within your proposal for the film’s financing.

What forms of research is it possible to show the investment firm while you make your proposal? Research past films of similar genre, what they cost to create, the popularity of these cast, as well as the profitability of these film. Including many types of similar movies which had beneficial bottom-lines should go quite a distance towards convincing them your project is a success.

You may be in a position to finance your film from the own pocket, like the producer of Paranormal Activity. Just as before, maybe you have to secure funding for the movie’s production. Film financing can be an essential requirement of producing your personal movie, but what becomes of an excellent movie if nobody ever sees it? An equally important part of producing your personal movie would be to secure a distributor for the film.

Film Distributors

Major film studios contend with independent production companies for showings in local theaters all over the world. These independent production companies will be the film distributors that’ll be functioning on your behalf to create marketing momentum for the independent film. Regarding Paranormal Activity, marketing momentum began with submissions to film festivals. In 2007, the film was screened in the Screamfest Horror Film Festival. This result in signings with Creative Artists Agency, Miramax Films, Dreamworks and ultimately Steven Spielburg.

It’ll be an important section of your proposal for your investment banker to submit a summary of proposed film distributors. You can find a huge selection of independent film distributors available. Showing your film financier you have researched distribution channels for the film, including those that focus on marketing your genre of film, will enhance their confidence within your capability to bring your film to some profit.

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