Lap Band Diet And Lap Band Surgery – THE PROFESSIONALS and Cons

Obesity like a medical condition is now able to be addressed through lap band surgery along with a lap band diet following a surgery.


In lap band surgery an adjustable gastric band is positioned at the top part of the stomach. The task is known as easy and takes just a few hours.

An individual can go back home immediately afterwards and may continue normal activities three to four 4 days after surgery, aside from one: eating. The individual undergoes several stages of dieting before pouch formed during surgery is fully healed.

Lap Band Diet Phases

The lap band diet has three phases: (1) liquid diet phase, (2) puree diet phase and (3) regular diet phase. It requires 4-6 weeks before you can resume an everyday diet program. Patients are often advised from the limited levels of food they are able to take and what types of food they are able to have.

Liquid Diet

The liquid diet phase often takes two weeks once the patient is first permitted to sip only clear liquids. This consists of broths of chicken and beef, diluted fruit drinks like apple juice and non-carbonated beverages.

A complete liquid diet follows which include cream soups, shakes, milk, yogurt and low-fat broths. Carbonated beverage should however be avoided since it causes bloating, gas and pain.

Pureed Diet

The pureed diet phase lasts for 14 days and includes foods – mostly high-protein – that may be pureed and chopped into small, fine pieces.

Regular Diet

Around the fifth and sixth week following the surgery, smaller amounts of soft foods are put into the diet. The meals list includes fruits & vegetables, low-fat proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Fibers, meats and breads are, however, still prohibited.

Throughout the day, patients take their usual three meals, but achieve this only in small servings sufficient reason for no other meals among. Patients should chew their food very slowly, cease eating when full also to drink enough fluids everyday.

Lap Band Surgery has several benefits and drawbacks.

One benefit of lap band surgery is that it’s done through laparoscopic surgery and considered an outpatient procedure. The individual can immediately go back home following the surgery.

It isn’t as painful as other other procedures and normal activities can resumed after three to four 4 days of the surgery. It’ll, however, take a lot more than four to six 6 weeks prior to the patient might have regular meals.

Another benefit of lap band surgery is that it’s thought to have a lesser threat of infection. Once the stomach is full, its contents usually do not leak in to the other areas of your body, instead it really is contained in a little pouch.

However, lap band surgery has its disadvantages too. It isn’t for everybody and you can find strict age restrictions, that’s, it could only be achieved for persons 8 yrs . old and above however, not a lot more than 50 yrs . old.

If you’re considering having lap band surgery, make sure to read and understand the task like the lap band diet that you ought to follow very closely following a successful surgery. It’s also advisable to learn about the results of experiencing the surgery as once done, the surgery can’t be reversed.

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