Unknown (2011) Film Review

Unknown is really a film which handles the problem of identity, or insufficient identity to become correct. Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) awakes from the coma after a major accident to find that isn’t what it appears to become. Firstly, he finds that his identity continues to be stolen together with his wife. Also to make matters worse he could be being pursued by way of a gang of mysterious assassins that are attempting to impede Neeson on his search for the “truth”. But he quickly teams up with the taxi driver(Dianne Kruger) who drove him off a bridge which caused his amnesia and an over stereotypical ex Stasi officer (Bruno Ganz). The motley crew then get together to fight evil, After all remove the conspiracy that they now end up entangled in.

On first glance Unknown appears to be only the sequel to Taken, a film where Liam Neeson trekked around Paris attempting to uncover some major plot. Substitute Berlin for Paris which may be right. Both films are dull impact less Euro-Thrillers where in fact the only interesting aspect may be the architecture of the encompassing cityscape’s. In addition, it should be said that Liam Neeson plays identical roles both in films. This role being the stiff, emotionless action hero having a dodgy accent. Do not get me wrong, he played an excellent role in “5 minutes of heaven” where he played a reformed UVF soldier attempting to makes amends using the brother of nationalist he killed as a man. This just would go to show that Neeson includes a niche which he should adhere to. Which niche most definitely includes Irish characters as he could be struggling to disguise his rough Irish accent.

What Unknown has choosing this is a group of interesting shots and camera angles that offer the audience a distinctive viewpoint and insight in to the perspective from the central character. But this, for me, may be the only positive facet of this film. Unknown is really a from the book Hollywood action film with explosions, gun fights rather than one but two outrageous car chases that are long winded and dragged out. There’s a good cheesy line or two from your characters such as for example; “I still remember how exactly to kill you asshole”.

With that said, the film is really a group of twists and turns each one of these less interesting compared to the last. This film lacks direction overall towards the extinct where in fact the concluding big twist is impact less. This combined with monotonous character played by Liam Neeson leads to a bland and uninspiring film. But again what else can you expect from your director who brought us “great” films such as for example “Goal 2” as well as the remake of “House of Wax”. What I must say is the fact that I’ve studied film narrative in college. I watched this film with 3 friends who’ve not. They thoroughly enjoyed this film. That leads me to the final outcome that Unknown is really a Hollywood blockbuster, and nothing more. A film designed to entertain mass audiences and generate profit. If you are seeking a bit of cheap entertainment i would suggest this film. Otherwise, I’d not. I give this film a generous 4/10.

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