Transylvania International Film Festival 2011, Cluj-Nappoca

In the center of Transylvania, land of Dracula, may be the city of Cluj-Napoca host from the Transylvania International Film Festival also called TIFF. The festival is frequently confused with the Toronto festival since they share exactly the same acronym. But in the event that you just make reference to Europe then there is absolutely no mistake in the centre.

The festival has already reached his 10th anniversary, the initial edition from the TIFF happened in the entire year 2002 in the town of Cluj-Napoca. Because the festival grew popular it traveled trough several cities of Romania, however the main host from the festival remains the town of Cluj-Napoca. This season the participant movies may also play in Sibiu as well as the Bucharest (the administrative centre of Romania).

Within the 9 years history of the festival plenty of big names from your movie industry have participated as quests, jury or within the contest, included in this we are able to name: Franco Nero, Julie Delpy, Wim Wenders, Michael Radford, Annie Girardot, Udo Kier, Vanessa Redgrave, Nicolas Roeg, Catherine Deneuve and Claudia Cardinale.

The 2007 edition from the TIFF, was the first ever to be presented simultaneously within the cities of Cluj-Napoca and Sibiu. For the reason that year Sibiu was the declared the Cultural Capital of Europe.

The final year’s edition from the festival presented an archive of 240 films and over 55.000 participants culminating with movie projections within the central square of Cluj-Napoca.

This year’s edition is scheduled between 3-12 June in Cluj-Napoca and promises a magnificent fight for the Transylvania trophy, probably the most desired award of your competition. You will see 12 movies battling because of this prize, movies from various countries such as for example: Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Argentina, Belgium, Uruguay, Israel, Russian and India. After Cluj-Napoca, the festival will proceed to Sibiu between 15-19 June, playing exactly the same movies, however now using the winners already known, helping in ways the movie lovers to select what they would like to see.

The Transylvania International Film Festival includes a total of 20 awards up for grabs for that 2011 edition, that we are able to mention: Transylvania Trophy, Best Actor, Special Award from the Jury, Let’s Go Digital, Romanian Days. It’ll be a difficult task for that jury to choose the winners because the quality of the films is higher and higher every year.

Due to the increasing popularity of the festival increasingly more domestic movies are making their debut in the TIFF to take advantage of the publicity and notoriety which has raised over time.

I simply cannot await this year’s edition!

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