The Sony Walkman 6GB MUSIC PLAYER

The Sony Walkman 6GB MUSIC PLAYER is one sleek and cool looking MUSIC PLAYER. This MUSIC PLAYER is new available on the market for Sony and is quite affordable. It really is powerful and provides great sound, stunning looks and cool design. The colours are pink, blue, violet or silver just and that means you know.

With this particular Sony Walkman comes a fresh quality level and performance for the listening enjoyment. This music player is fairly stylish. The EL display creates a floating effect which adds an extremely cool touch towards the Walkman’s impressive design.

This Sony Walkman [] brings your mp3 music alive with great sound quality that only sony can deliver.
Using the 6 GB hard disk drive storage, 1.5 inch EL display, 20 hours of continous playback, an easy task to operate search and shuffle features and an excellent drop and drag file transfer system (Connect). That is one great Sony Walkman Music player.

Below are a few basic features : it includes a 6 GB this means it could hold about 40000 songs, PC data file storage capability, plays MP3, ATRAC3, ATRAC3plus, Organic EL display 1.5 inch, 6-Band Equalizer, Headphone/Remote Control Connector, Rechargeable built-in Lithium-Ion Battery, Battery life: Mp3: Around 17hrs
Atrac: Around 20hrs
Charge times: Full Charge (AC Power Adapter): 3 hrs.; (USB): 7 hrs.

80% Charge (AC Power Adapter): 2 hrs., PC Connection,
USB 2.0 You need to do get headphones,AC Power Adapter,
USB Cable. To obtain the manual because of this mp3 player merely head to or simply enter Sony Walkman 6GB Music player go through the first link.

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