Nylon Xtreme Bond Laminating Film: Aggressive Adhesion for Digital Prints

As we’ve covered in previous articles, single-sided laminating is a superb solution to protect book covers, posters, maps, along with other projects that require to become preserved on leading side while remaining untreated on the trunk side. Nylon laminating film is specifically made to work together with your single-sided laminator to lessen curling for superior results. Traditionally, nylon film continues to be offered with standard adhesion strength, however, many projects need a more aggressive adhesive. That is where nylon Xtreme Bond laminating film will come in. This ultra-sticky film supplies the same curl-resistant properties as standard nylon film, but with a specialized adhesive formulation that adheres to difficult-to-stick-to prints. In this article, we have a closer take a look at nylon Xtreme Bond laminating film.

The Basics
Nylon Xtreme Bond laminating film comes in widths which range from 12.5″ to 19.5″ on 3,000′ rolls. The film is really a thin and pliable 1.2 mil thickness, rendering it a perfect choice to make paper book covers. Since it was created to be used having a single-sided laminating machine, it really is only on a 3″ core. Nylon Xtreme Bond film comes in both gloss and matte finishes (matte can be acquired by special order), both which offer superior abrasion resistance in addition to water-, oil-, acid-, and alkali-resistant properties.

The superior adhesives bond well with digital prints – including digital output from Xerox Docutech and Docucolor machines, Nexpress, and Xeikon Systems – as well as the film carries the official validation from your Xerox Finishing Lab. It really is capable of sticking with fuser oil-based inks, digital toners, and also “wet” inks. Xtreme Bond film could even be die-cut for specialty applications.

In Review
Using nylon laminating film is crucial if you’d like great results on your own single-sided laminating projects, but most standard nylon films usually do not provide adhesion strength that’s needed is for dealing with digital prints. When you have a have to perform single-sided lamination on digital prints (or other difficult-to-adhere-to media, such as for example those printed with oil-based inks), then nylon Xtreme Bond laminating film is a superb solution. It includes all the same benefits as traditional nylon film – including curl-resistance, abrasion-resistance, and the capability to be die-cut – but additionally includes a specially-formulated adhesive that tames most toners and inks. Together with your single-sided laminator, nylon Xtreme Bond laminating films will transform your digitally-printed posters, book covers, maps, displays, along with other projects into durable documents that may endure years useful.

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