International Fantasy Film Festival 2011 in Sitges

The 2011 International Fantasy Film Festival of Catalonia will need place in significantly less than 90 days. This festival continues to be occurred in Sitges, Spain, since 1968. It had been born because the 1st International Week of Fantastic and Horror Cinema. The Sitges Film Festival may be the first fantasy film festival on the planet which is well-known worldwide. Combined with the Cannes Film Festival it really is one of the better film festivals in Europe. Thousands of people are now looking forward to this type of yearned date. This is a must appointment for individuals who love fantasy films to check out the most recent trends and new technologies within the cinema and audiovisual production. Furthermore, the Sitges Film Festival may be the meeting point of both film buffs and producers. It really is here where new fantasy films are exhibited and promoted and in addition where lovers of the genre can exchange their thoughts and find out about their passion.

The Sitges Film Festival, that is being held from 6th to 16th October, starts with the Catalan film called “Eva”. This film may be the debut from the director Kike Maillo which is starred from the Catalan actress Marta Etura as well as the German actor Daniel Brul, both young promises in contemporary cinema. The film is defined in the foreseeable future and discusses a lady robot called Eva. This film is ideal to open the festival since it shows the fantastic quality of Catalan fantasy films and handles the theme of the festival.

The 2011 Sitges Film Festival really wants to pay homage towards the film A.I. Artificial Intelligence by Steven Spielberg. It’s been a decade since this great success could possibly be observed in all screens all over the world. Can you remember the storyplot? David was a kid robot who lived in a global where humans and robots lived together. Evil robots were sought by the authorities and destroyed. David was accused to be evil but her mum helped him to flee. The young robot wished to see her mum again and looked for that Blue Fairy to create his wish become a reality. So, this is a story which mixes science fiction and futurism with human feelings and tenderness. The storyplot of a robot who searches for his mum and posesses teddy bear with him on a regular basis. Does it not remind you of the Anime series in regards to a boy and his monkey?

The posters from the film festival show two robots created in Japan by Professor Hiroshi, which look as though these were alive.

Angel Sala, the director from the festival, recalls the best success of the.I. Artificial Intelligence and mentions the wonderful time that this fantasy genre is living now. Within the festival we are able to see films and short films from Catalonia along with other elements of Spain in addition to films made abroad. “Mientras duermes” (as long as you’re sleeping) by Jaume Balagueró James and “La mujer del Eternauta” by Adán Aliaga are other two types of the wonderful quality of Catalan fantasy films production.

You can find other interesting proposals like contests and workshops. But, undoubtedly, the very best may be the Zombie Walk. On 14th October, Sitges can be some sort of Zombie land as a huge selection of zombies will undoubtedly be walking the streets of Sitges. It is possible to become one of these and join the parade. Wear your very best rags and make that person and body up. The film “Juan de los muertos” (John from the Dead), which ultimately shows an ironic view from the political reality in Cuba, is seen that day, too.

Do you want to go directly to the Sitges Fantasy Film Festival? Take a look at Sitges Film Festival for more info.

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