HOW EXACTLY TO Download Movie Onto PSP

Are you sweating attempting to download some nice movies for your Sony PSP? I will offer you a simple and quick way to do that. Simple follow the steps below:

Firstly,you’ll want the next:

*Memory stick PRO DUO ought to be 128mb and higher for video usage.

*USB cable



*If you’ll need to pull the videos from your own DVD to PC,you then
have to get a DVD ripper.

Now,let’s progress. I believe you might have the above. You will need to convert and upload the videos for your PSP.

This is one way you take action:

1.Switch to settings on PSP.

2.Connect your PSP to PC making use of your USB cable.

3.Once the PC has recognized your PSP, go directly to the VIDEO. When there is none, create it.

4.Visit a site where you are able to download a PSP video converter. Download and install.

5.After the PSP video converter is installed, click on the “convert” tab after, go and select current conversion, then select convert.

6.Find your desired video (WMV/AVI/MPG/FLV)

7.Select start. When that is done, continue to another step as the conversion will need some short while.

8.If you are through with this particular,head to my documents—->converted videos—->PSP—>MPEG-4AVC.

Find your video there and copy it towards the video folder.

9.Cancel USB connection

10.Head to video, select your movies watching.

NOTE–>I’ve written the aforementioned with the fact that you have previously browse the user manual of one’s PSP that is what you want to do first.

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