How exactly to Connect an iPod or Other Digital VERY GOOD MUSIC PLAYER to YOUR VEHICLE Stereo

Not long ago i “sold-out” and bought myself an iPod. Here is a pro’s guide to hooking it around your mind unit!

But first…

Unless you’ve been surviving in a cave for recent years, you might have heard about the iPod; Apple’s wonderfully designed portable very good music player. The iPod lets you carry the music of hundreds or a large number of CDs in a little box that fits easily in your pocket or bag. It really is capable of a lot more, however the focus of the article is around the music. Due to the extreme portability from the iPod, lots of people want to take it using them in the automobile. This can be a problem because most cars don’t offer iPod connectivity, with few exceptions. Fortunately, you can find solutions for those who desire to use their iPod in the automobile.

Direct connection:

Pros: Control iPod with stereo and remote controls, automatically charges iPod, perfect sound quality, an easy task to install, cheap
Cons: None that I understand of!

This option is open to owners of radios that support a primary link with the iPod. Basically, all you have to is really a cable that connects for your iPod, then to the air. Alpine is one brand I understand that provides this feature. Some new vehicles also provide a direct link with the iPod.

How exactly to connect via an interface:

Pros: Control iPod with stereo and remote controls, automatically charges iPod, perfect sound quality
Cons: Expensive, more difficult to install

This option can be acquired to owners of more up-to-date aftermarket radios plus some newer factory radios.

Aftermarket radios:

You may need a brand specific ipod interface. For instance, when you have an Alpine head unit, you will have to get an Alpine ipod interface. Usually, this interface is really a small box which has an output for your radio, and an input that connects to for your ipod. Basically, you will have to find a proper mounting location for that box. Following that, look for a good spot to route the ipod cable. The right locations are in the glove box, or when you have a pocket within your dash, route it through there.

Factory radios:

You may need a vehicle specific ipod interface. The main one company I understand of this manufactures these interfaces is Peripheral. Have a look at their website to see if your automobile is supported. If yes, you’re set! Attach the interface much like the method that you would above.

How exactly to connect with a phono to RCA cable.

Pros: Excellent sound quality, easy installation, super cheap
Cons: Can’t control ipod with stereo, ipod won’t automatically charge

You’ll need a head unit which has an auxillary input because of this to operate. If your mind unit doesn’t have an aux in, you’re probably better off searching for another alternative.

How exactly to connect an iPod through FM modulation:

Pros: Super easy to create and install, device is accessible, most devices charge the iPod
Cons: Not the least expensive, poorer sound quality, ipod can not be controlled by radio

This is actually the simplest way to attach an iPod for your radio. Basically, your ipod connects to a tool that broadcasts the music to some radio station frequency. Tune your radio compared to that frequency, as well as your music will play through the air. There are a number of products available that this.

Other digital music solutions:

Kenwood makes a “music keg”, that is basically a portable hard disk drive that interfaces using the Kenwood receiver. This can be a great option to bringing an iPod along with you in the automobile. Just bunch the music keg, as well as your songs are all set.

Alpine makes an electronic music player. This product contains a hard disk drive you could load up together with your songs. It works very much like a CD changer for the reason that it really is controled by the top unit.

A short word about other digital music players:

The iPod isn’t the only real digital very good music player available. Creative Labs gets the Zen, and Microsoft just released the Zune. There are lots of other devices available aswell. When you have one of these brilliant other digital music players, it is possible to still use a few of these ways to connect your player to your mind unit.

Unfortunately, the iPod continues to be embraced a lot more than its competitors, in order far when i know, you can find no interfacing possibilities for another digital music players. It is possible to still connect these devices to your mind unit by way of a mini phono to RCA cable. There are also FM modulators that aren’t iPod specific that may enable you to connect to your mind unit through the air.

A short word about digital music formats, compression, and sound quality:

So, back the ice ages, like a decade ago, a fresh digital format referred to as MP3 started to take the web by storm. Basically, it allowed a complete CD of music to use up minimum space on someone’s hard disk drive. Before MP3, the primary format open to a lot of people was PCM (aka WAV). PCM is actually a precise replica of the info stored on CDs. Anyway, MP3 changed that. It had been now possible to compress the music to some significantly smaller quality. In general, you can fit 10x the info in exactly the same space. In which a typical WAV file of the song usually takes up 50 Mb, an MP3 file of exactly the same song usually takes up 5 Mb, with out a severe lack of sound quality. The songs could now be transferred quickly between people. This needless to say resulted in a lot of controversy…Remember the initial Napster?

Yeah, yeah. Who cares?

Here’s why it matters. To be able to fit plenty of data in a little space, you must take some stuff out. Quite simply, you lose sound quality. MP3 files enable higher or small amounts of compression, and usually that is expressed by bit rate. Basically, the bigger the bit rate, the bigger the sound quality.

Yeah, yeah. Who cares?

When playing music in the automobile, especially LOUD, sound quality matters a good deal. So, you will want to make sure that once you play MP3s (or other digital music formats) in your automobile, you use top quality sound files. If you are using poorly encoded music files, you’ll definitely regret it!

Poorly encoded files have a tendency to sound “tinny”, or like they’re being played by way of a can. Also, high frequency sounds such as for example cymbals and voice (particularly when vocalists use words which contain the letter “S”) sound “swishy”. Bass will sound muddy and sloppy. Once you play these things loud, it gets very annoying.

Anyway, in the event that you intend to play digital music in your automobile, make sure to are using top quality sound files. For MP3, the files should by 44.1 kHz. The bit rate ought to be at the very least 160, but preferably higher. Personally, i encode most of my files at 256.

Anyway, now you understand about digital music in the automobile!

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