HIPHOP – Gangster Rap

It wasn’t too much time ago that hiphop was created within the Bronx within the mid seventies. At its inception hiphop was nothing more a positive solution to express your feelings on the platform that might be heard through the entire country and perhaps the whole planet. Hiphop despite having an aggressive stigma had not been feared since it was mostly seen as a couple of teens having a great time and expressing themselves. If it weren’t for that music as well as the movement referred to as hip hop, a whole generations feeling and beliefs could have passed by without having to be heard. While hiphop generally was positive, enlightening and self empowering around the east coast there have been a lot of youths around the west coast who also felt their struggles and views would have to be expressed.

Even though message they were relaying around the west coast had not been one which was positive whatsoever it still fit the mold of hiphop in the sense that it had been still a kind of self expression. Both pioneers of hiphop in the west coast were a rapper by the name of Ice-T and an organization by the name of NWA! Their version of hiphop was highly abrasive and vulgar yet they showed no remorse for this. The idea they tried to prove was that hiphop much like all the types of art is generally a reflection of the surroundings that this artist lives in. They claimed that when your father wasn’t an integral part of your life as well as your mother was addicted to drugs your reality would surely vary then that of someone who came from an improved environment.

That which was once referred to as a peaceful movement had now became quite threatening to the people in power. Politicians and police departments started to fight to really have the music pulled off shelves as well as the concerts of the controversial artist canceled. At this time in time in the us, gang violence and police brutality were a significant media concern. Hiphop artist started to create violent music calling for the killing of cops and discussed shooting other’s who we’re not just a part of their unique gang. Hiphop once we knew it had taken a drastic change also to make matters worse the music that has been so controversial around the west coast had now end up being the most popular type of hip hop. It might be titled “Gangsta Rap” because of the fact that those that performed it were either inside a gang, associated with gangs or rapped about gangs.

Although many folks aren’t fans of the aspect of hiphop it generally does not change the truth that this music is here now to stay. We must face the truth that not merely was hiphop intended to allow everyone to voice their opinions (regardless of how crude or violent they might be) but America also created freedom of speech because of this exact reason. Whether you view gangster rap as detrimental or supplemental towards the hiphop movement the truth is the record sales say everything.

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