Film & TV Music Licensing For Songwriters and Musicians – Ways to get Results

Musicians, bands, and songwriters all understand how difficult it could be to get exposure for his or her music. Like a band you might be employing various music promotion ways of create awareness for the project as well as your music. A few of these strategies could be touring, radio promotion, viral Online marketing, music publicity, and a variety of other solutions to gain exposure. One terrific and incredibly powerful approach to exploiting your songs and music that’s often overlooked by songwriters and musicians is Film & TV along with other multimedia licensing of one’s songs.

There are a number of success stories within the music business where artists and songwriters have gotten their big break with a song accepted for used in a favorite television shown or independent film. Some have actually obtained superstar status out of this approach to music promotion and exploitation. 

The process so you can get your songs considered for placement within the catalogs of the numerous music licensing companies is normally simple enough. It is possible to engage a specialist firm or independent music licensing professional to take care of the submissions for you personally, but that may cost some dough. The choice for an unbiased artist or songwriter on the shoestring budget is merely to accomplish it yourself.  It’s pretty easy and relatively inexpensive. 

There are a number of online music licensing firms that enable you to submit your songs free of charge for consideration to be put into their catalog. Don’t discount these free submission services at this time. I understand artists which have had some relative success using these. A couple of popular ones are Pump Audio and YouLicense. Nevertheless, you should think about submission on a far more endemic basis. Let’s face it – it’s like other things – the greater music licensing firms that think about your music, are prepared to place your songs within their catalog – that is viewed and monitored by music supervisors, indie filmmakers, etc. frequently, the higher chance you might have to getting a song put into a substantial film, Television show, or commercial.

We do film and TV licensing considerations for the artists, songwriters, labels, and clients pretty regularly and also have had the right success. However, you should properly organize your submission efforts.   The very best & most effective way we’ve found for achieving this is to apply the definitive music supervisor’s directory, the Film and TV Guide. This directory generally is the bible for film and TV – Music Supervisor and Directors contact information in LA, NY, and internationally are listed at length. It includes each and every licensing company and film and TV supervisors contact information, address, phone, email, and submission guidelines. It really is available in the typical print edition or by subscription online.  The web version lets you point and click and keep all your submissions organized and it is updated daily. 

If you’re a songwriter or independent musician and so are seeking alternatives options for exploiting your music – and incredibly possible getting that big break you are considering, not forgetting a handsome licensing fee and subsequent royalties, I recommend you browse the Film and TV Guide as well as the Music Publisher’s Directories, and put to utilize these powerful directories. The likewise have a versions that enable you to contact every music publisher or label artist and repertoire executive. Worth looking at and can assist you to immensely together with your music and song promotions. 

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