CD Silkscreen Printers

CD silkscreen printers are perfect for printing large levels of discs, since they make CD mass production more cost-effective. It is a great investment for companies who have to produce full-color discs fast (such as for example software companies).

CD silkscreen printers apply ink to some silk or nylon screen and penetrate regions of the screen that aren’t blocked from the stencil. The printer runs on the large amount of stencils to be able to apply multiple colors in one print. It’s the same kind of printer useful for regular replicated discs. With CD silkscreen printers, you are able to do all sorts of color combinations imaginable – from PMS colors to four-color process and also metallic. You can find a lot more color options in CD silk screen printing technology than in thermal or label printing. The effect are high-quality, attractive CD prints done extremely fast.

If you want to print at the very least 500 CDs at once, then you should choose CD silkscreen printer, or at the very least sign up having a silkscreen CD printing company. You routinely have to cover a one-time setup fee, plus they look after the rest. You may get huge discounts in the event that you print 1,000 CDs or even more, and when you order regularly. If you want to add dates, control numbers, serial numbers, etc., be prepared to pay a little extra. If you want to print higher quantities, you need to join pantone matching services to obtain probably the most control available once you print your artwork.

If you just need to print low levels of CDs (significantly less than 100, for instance), it could be better to opt for thermal printing instead. CD silkscreen printing only becomes cost-effective if you want to print in bulk; otherwise, the price per unit rises.

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