CD Printer Software

CD printers are accustomed to print text or graphic images on duplicated or replicated CDs. Various kinds of CD printers are manufactured which are created for low volume or high volume CD printing. Inkjet and thermal printers with 1-100 disc capacity are manufactured for used in small firms or offices and domestic households. Laser printers with capacity of above 100,000 discs are manufactured for large duplication and replication firms.

CD printer software incorporated with these printers use top quality resampling algorithm to create the very best quality prints possible in addition to the printer type and resolution of original images. It simplifies the procedure of managing DPI, print sizes, and resolution numbers. They have efficient and simple tools to automatically arrange multiple prints in order that they utilize the least level of expensive printing substrate material.

The program allows auto placement and full manual placement for maximum flexibility. Images of assorted sizes could be printed from different folders and drives in exactly the same session. They have different enhancement tools such as for example cropping, brightness, sharpening, auto-exposure compensation, CCD noise filters, image rotation, and image information stamp. Users can apply filters to images as “masks” that eliminates the necessity to store separate copies of original and modified versions. Filters may also be applied to an individual image or a huge selection of different images from various folders inside a batch.

It provides color management (ICC) support and may link ICC profiles to multiple images separately, ensuring probably the most accurate color possible. In addition, it supports profile-to-profile conversions for images, and soft proofing. It supports different file formats such as for example JPEG, TIF, BMP, GIF, PCX, TGA, PCD, PNG, PSD, and NEF (Nikon D1, D1H, D1X, and D100 raw).

It allows users to copy, move, delete, auto-rename images predicated on date, download images from flash cards and search IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council) fields. The simple to use top features of CD printer software have enabled users to control the complex task of formatting and printing images on CD discs.

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