Apple iPod – Why Apple Dominates the Mobile MUSIC PLAYER Market

Noticing an evergrowing market for mobile MP3 players, Apple released the initial iPod in late 2001, also it was quickly destined to be always a huge success. It had been just what people wanted.. It had a straightforward interface, it had a big storage capacity, also it was extremely attractive and recognizable. It had been only appropriate for the Apple Macintosh though, which extremely limited their sales possibilities.

The iPod did find yourself driving up Apple Macintosh sales though, since a small % of individuals actually migrated to the Macintosh computer just so that they might use an Ipod. It wasn’t enough to operate a vehicle sales from the iPod up though, Apple needed a more impressive market, they needed the Windows market, that was (but still is) much bigger compared to the Macintosh market.

In 2003 Apple released a fresh iPod that was included with iTunes, that was appropriate for both Macintosh and Windows systems. This is once the real explosion of sales occurred, since so much more people might use them with the Windows platform.

The iPod Keys to Success Simple Interface – The Apple iPod comes with an extremely simple interface, needing just a few seconds useful in order to understand it. Large capacity – The existing regular ipod includes a 30 or 60 gigabyte storage capacity, which 30 gigabytes equals about 6000 songs. Even small versions have a more substantial than normal capacity. It’s visually attractive – They managed to get look very sexy, attractive to just about everybody, and is currently extremely recognizable. Windows and Mac compatibility – If they crossed to the windows market, they a lot more than tripled their market, literally reaching anyone who owned some type of computer

These are things that really make the Apple iPod dominate the mobile Music player market, reaching over 70% of the marketplace share. Apple never simply wished to dominate the marketplace with one product though, they’re still releasing services at an alarming rate, all of that are doing very well. iPod Mini – This is Apple’s first iPod spinoff, wanting to interest a younger market, being the first ever to can be found in different color, also it was much smaller compared to the original iPod. It didn’t have as large of the capacity because the original, nonetheless it was still large enough to carry plenty of songs. iPod Nano – Apple retired the Mini, and arrived using the Nano, that was even smaller compared to the Mini, at in regards to a quarter of the inch thick. The nano has exploded onto the marketplace with it’s extremely small size, and contains capacities of just one 1, 2, and 4 gigabytes. iPod Video – This is an upgraded for the essential iPod, and the newest addition to the iPod category of products. the iPod Video not merely plays songs just like the original, but plays video files aswell, plus they bumped up the ability to 30 and 60 gigabytes. iPod Shuffle – The iPod Shuffle is Apples first attempt at the flash drive market, since all their other products have spinning hard disks. The shuffle replaces an individual interface with just a couple buttons, and prides itself around the “shuffle” feature, after it’s name. It’s the smallest from the iPod line, at concerning the size of a usb memory stick, and contains capacities of 512 megabytes and 1 gigabyte, attractive to the ones that don’t need much space and want something extremely small.

The iPod has generated a complete slew of other markets aswell, from audio companies implementing ipod connectivity support in car radios, clothes companies creating ipod pockets, along with other alternative party companies creating a great deal of ipod accessories, like bags, protective sleeves, docking stations, the list continues on and on.

It’s no wonder why the iPod dominates the marketplace, with Apple’s ingenious marketing strategies, great benefits, and appealing looks of these products, the iPod is destined to dominate the Music player market for quite a while.

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