Acoustic Guitars – Laminated Wood Versus WOOD

A whole lot has transpired over time within the debate over acoustic guitars in your community of laminate versus wood construction. It isn’t a secret that the sort of materials and craftsmanship affect the product quality, durability, sound and price of acoustic guitars. However, there’s probably no other discussion larger than this.

The question that lots of players ask themselves is whether a good body will probably be worth the price? Regardless of the better sound, they might need care and regular maintenance to avoid cracking. When working with laminated you run the chance that it’ll separate as time passes. There is absolutely no clear response to this question so when long as there’s a discussion about acoustic guitars, it’ll always be in the forefront.

The Debate – Uncut

Laminated is several bits of wood glued together and solid body is strictly that, one piece. You can find benefits and drawbacks to both kinds. It’s true that laminate may create a ‘dead’ sound that will not sustain or project sound perfectly as well as the one-piece body is well known because of its richer tone. Laminate is more used since it is stronger and less sensitive to humidity and change in temperature. A body that’s created from one-piece timber is quite sensitive to humidity and climate change. The very best is similar to a sponge which you can’t let dry.

SOME History

Years back the debate had not been about sound quality or durability, it had been about price. The main one piece timber body guitars were very costly a lot of musicians didn’t have a selection but to get one manufactured from laminate. A one piece is coveted due to its rich and beautiful tone that only appears to become better as time passes. However, times have changed a lot in the wonderful world of laminate like the craftsmanship. Better quality laminate has been used and much more detailed craftsmanship continues to be applied so that they are sounding better and better everyday.

It really is evident why this debate is now less spectacular, however the fact will usually remain exactly the same a laminate won’t have the ability to sound nearly as good.


When creating a guitar you need the soundboard, better referred to as the top, to become as lightweight and strong as you possibly can. Creating this ratio with laminate is frequently difficult because to make it strong it eventually ends up overweight. The wet glue utilized to secure the bits of timber together may become to heavy when an excessive amount of can be used. Unfortunately, when inadequate from the glue can be used, the timber pulls apart. Recently new adhesives have already been introduced which have helped to resolve this issue and ensure lightness. That is a great way that laminated construction is now popular and competitive.

Necks, Sides & Backs

Acoustic laminate necks have become common and widely accepted. It has turn into a popular solution to make the neck stronger. Hybrid guitars may also be extremely common. Many models are created with one piece body tops and laminate sides and backs. The sound quality is 90% influenced by what the very best is constructed of, in order long because the soundboard is one piece the rich sound will undoubtedly be present. That is also a terrific way to make solid body tops affordable.

HOW WILL YOU Tell The Difference?

Based on how dark the timber or stain is, telling the difference between them could be a trial. First, you will need to check out the within edge from the sound hole at the top of your body. When the edge includes a natural finish this is a one piece body and when it has several layers it really is manufactured from laminate. To find out what the trunk and sides are constructed of you will need to first go through the back of your guitar. Next, look in the sound hole at exactly the same spot on the trunk if the wood grains will be the same. If they’re the same this is a whole body. You are able to do this same technique using the sides.

It is a Wrap

Everyone’s opinion differs. Many think that you don’t have to get an acoustic manufactured from laminated timber when solid bodies are so affordable now. Others think that the sound quality of laminate bodies independently and in a hybrid model can be compared. Each individual must evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of both, and decide why is sense to them. For example in the event that you travel often, perhaps it seems sensible to get a laminate model because of its durability. When buying there are a large amount of questions that require to become answered, that is yet another one.

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