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Music Production – Understanding Digital Audio, Sampling Rate and Bit Depth

Which are the difference between digital and analog music production? Analog music production uses magnetic particles to store recorded information using electricity as it’s main conduit. Digital music production uses bits within the digital realm to store exactly the same information. But, the digital process still uses electricity in the initial elements of the production […]

The Role of Film-Makers As Culture-Makers

Inside a scenario where virtually all countries are falling like dominoes in to the catchall trap called the Global Village, it’s very easy for folks of individual countries to reduce their cultural identities. We have been already witnessing this trend in India, where everyone appears to attempting to be everything except Indian. I’d say our […]

The Digital Effect: The Shift In How Users Play Music

Despite vinyl being over 50 yrs . old, the fight continues on: vinyl or digital, that is better? For that generation of fans who was raised hearing Beatles vinyl records, vinyl continues on as king, but also for the newer generation, CDs and MP3 songs always keep a special invest their mind. Needless to say […]

Acoustic vs Digital Piano

Which would be considered a better buy? An acoustic or perhaps a digital piano? Let me give you, let me offer you my definition of just what a digital piano is really. Even though some electronic musical instruments may also reproduce the sound of the piano (examples are music workstations, sound modules, sample-based synthesizers, software […]

Using USB External HARD DISKS For Digital Music Storage

 A decade ago investing in a CD was a standard thing for any music fan, now it looks like something of days gone by. Using the introduction of digital music, buying an album is really as simple as likely to a website, spending money on it and installing. Your personal computer becomes just like a […]

Basic Difference Between an SLR Cameras Over Film Cameras

Among the basic differences between SLR digital camera models over Film Cameras is the fact that SLR digital camera models provide you with the big benefit of viewing the pictures which you have taken immediately after you took them that you can’t do with film cameras. Also for SLR digital camera models, you worry no […]

Best Stereo Systems for Digital Music – Some Key Information TO SPOTLIGHT

THE VERY BEST Stereo Systems for Digital Music will be the systems which meet certain degrees of sound quality, and compatibility. Just how we purchase and pay attention to music has evolved. Most music is currently purchased online in digital form called MP3s. CDs, or cds, for now at the very least remain relevant but […]

How exactly to Connect an iPod or Other Digital VERY GOOD MUSIC PLAYER to YOUR VEHICLE Stereo

Not long ago i “sold-out” and bought myself an iPod. Here is a pro’s guide to hooking it around your mind unit! But first… Unless you’ve been surviving in a cave for recent years, you might have heard about the iPod; Apple’s wonderfully designed portable very good music player. The iPod lets you carry the […]

Tomorrows MP3 Digital Music – Small with A great deal of Storage, Larger having a Video Screen, or All in a single

Tomorrow’s MP3 digital music – might it be small with a great deal of storage, larger having a video screen, or non-existent and result in a cellphone. Changes on the market will likely put into all three markets just how as stated within the title above. The majority of it really depends upon the Americans […]

Video Careers – Camera Operators, Editing, & Film Production

Perhaps you have watched your preferred television program and considered the way the show was made? Everything you see on television or at the films is the final result of several complex operations that happen behind the scenes. Key elements in virtually any media production will be the photography (video or film) and editing. Camera […]

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